Al Maktoum Hospital Road towards Nasir Square 1984


The start of modern health care in the United Arab Emirates can be traced to the days when the area was known as the Trucial Coast. In 1943, a small healthcare centre was opened in the Al Ras area of Dubai. In 1951, under the patronage of Sheikh Saeed bin Rashid Al Maktoum, the ruler of Dubai, the first phase of the Al Maktoum Hospital was built and continued over succeeding years until a 157-bed hospital was completed.



Under the patronage of His Highness the late Sheikh Saeed bin Maktoum, the first phase of the Al Maktoum Hospital is built.


The construction of the Al Maktoum Hospital is completed with 157 beds.

Being the first hospital in the area, Maktoum Hospital was the place people went for vaccinations, minor operations and the treatment of ailments. The first director was a Dr MacKolly, a sergeant in the British Royal Air Force.

The 57-year-old Al Maktoum Hospital, which officially stopped its final service conducting medical fitness tests on July 1st 2009, is supposed to become a museum containing old photos and medical equipment used in its heyday. In May last year, Dubai Municipality would take over its conservation.




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