Dubai Clock Tower rare old photo 1969


Dubai Clock Tower surroundings as it used to be in 1969

In the early 1960s the area where the Clock Tower is located today had become an important road intersection. The construction of clock tower was started in 1964. It was suggested the Clock Tower be placed on a traffic roundabout to protect the Tower. This was one of the first roundabouts in Dubai.

There were very few commercial buildings at this time but intersection was already important to Dubai city as the only bridge which was connecting Bur Dubai to Diera Dubai leads from the same roundabout. Currently know Al Maktoum road is also starting from the same roundabout which leads to the most important economic zone of Dubai known as Diera Dubai.

Dubai Clock Tower or Diera Clock Tower?

A view has developed that Diera Clock Tower is the proper name since the Tower is located in Diera. This view ignores the fact Sheikh Rashid was presented with the Clock as the Ruler of Dubai i.e. it was a gift to the Emirate of Dubai and not the “suburb” of Diera. The Clock Tower’s location in Diera was chosen because it was (in those days) an important access point to Dubai and the first significant structure seen by travelers and traders arriving overland.

Dubai’s Clock Tower may be a more “correct” description but generally people simply refer to the Clock Tower.

Second Picture is the latest Dubai Clock tower picture taken in 2013




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