Public Sign Board at Dubai Creek in 1970s


A Public Sign Board at Dubai Creek in 1970’s

A Warning Public Sign Board was erected near Dubai Creek in three languages. English and Urdu as second languages have been widely used for public in Dubai. Most of the population residing in Dubai still belongs to different Nations from all around the world. it is estimated that there are 228 nations lives in Dubai’s multicultural environment.  the Major part of Dubai population still consists of expatriates.

Expatriates in the United Arab Emirates

There are a considerable number of expatriates in the United Arab Emirates, with most living in Dubai and Abu Dhabi. Expatriates are primarily attracted by the employment and investment opportunities of the United Arab Emirates. The UAE welcomes immigrants from all over the world. The country’s extremely liberal and open-minded society compared to its neighbours has resulted in mass immigration from all over the world, including people from western nations. As a result, the native Emiratis are outnumbered in their own country at a ratio of 11 to 1. They now make up only 9% of the population whereas foreigners make up 91% of the remaining population. Under Article 8 of UAE Federal Law no. 17, an expatriate can apply for UAE citizenship after residing in the country for 20 years, providing that person has never been convicted of a crime and can speak fluent Arabic.



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