Sheikh Rashid Bin Saeed Ruler of Dubai with UK Political Agents in 1962


An early meeting of the Trucial States Council with UK political agents 1962

The Trucial States were a group of sheikhdoms in the Persian Gulf. They were a British protectorate from 1820 until 1971, when they became the United Arab Emirates.

The sheikhdoms permanently allied themselves with the United Kingdom by the Perpetual Maritime Truce of 1853, until in 1892 they entered into “Exclusivity Agreements” with the British – following on from Bahrain in 1880 – which put them under British protection. This was an unclear status which fell short of a formal protectorate, but required Britain to defend them from external aggression in exchange for exclusive British rights in the states. Until 1969, the Indian rupee remained the de facto currency of the Trucial states as well as the other Persian Gulf states such as Qatar, Bahrain and Oman until these countries introduced their own currencies in 1969, after the great devaluation of the Indian rupee. In 1952, the Trucial States Council was established to encourage co-operation between the seven remaining.



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